Pat & Ellie Mullins Thai Chili Thighs


Photography by Paul Strabbing

This weekend I’m bringing you two recipes in separate posts to celebrate the gorgeous weather with some outdoor cooking. Summer in England for my first 30 years was always reliably dismal.  My long suffering memories are fond, though a bit nostalgic and tinged with droll recollection.  I’m not sure how fun it is to plan a picnic or an outdoor event without fear of a downpour, but we did nonetheless. My birthday in July was nearly always a washout so I strung tarps haphazardly aloft, brought too many people into too small of a space and made do or danced in the rain regardless.

Yet, when the sun did shine and the weather even barely hot,  everyone had a giant smile and out came the picnic blanket along with partial naked flesh, a bit wobbly and translucent until it turned via scarlet to a blushed apricot.  A weird laissez faire attitude to fashion would sweep through the city where men in suits would be half dressed, swim shorts de rigueur on the tube and what is kind of a bra but pretending to be a top gets matched with another skimpy garment dragged from the wardrobe in surprise and worn in a way that makes you think of Marshalls after a weekend. I swear there’s still men who knot the corners of a handkerchief and put it on their head, of course now that’s probably some kind of meme now.  Be all and end all, British Summer is a sight to behold and I love it. 

So, this weekend grab your tongs and throw this easy peasy meal together (dessert in next post):

Pat & Ellie Mullins Thai Chili Chicken Thighs with Cucumber Salad

Technically it’s Pat’s recipe and Ellie loves it but I’m not going to split hairs here.  Ellie attached the cucumber recipe, which is delicious and cooling alongside the heat from the meat dish and she also recommended a wine. You of course know of their wonderful wine store next door to their pizza joint in lovely Three Oaks just down the road from here, surely?

One of Ellie’s favorites offered at P. & E. Bottle Shop to pair with this dish is the 2016 Fable Verdelho from the Central Coast of California. It also happens to be made by her brother the wine maker, Daniel Fitzgerald. It’s rich and bright, crisp, well structured and will meet that heat with a refreshing and acidic note. Pale yellow color in the glass, nose full of guava, passion fruit and melon rind, the palate with layers of tropical fruit, citrus and a dry lemon grass on the finish.

So here we go:

4-6 skin on chicken thighs


1 cup soy sauce

6 cloves of garlic (crushed)

1 T coco sap sugar

1 T ginger powder 

2 dry Thai Chilis 

4 T cut/sifted Lemongrass

Marinade chicken thighs overnight and grill. Serve with cucumber salad. 

Cucumber Salad 

1 large cucumber peeled and sliced into 1/4 in coins (I used English cucumber, ‘cos I’m just made that way)

2 T Rice Vinegar

Splash Sesame Oil

sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds

season with salt to taste 


Johanna Lowe