Chef Stephanie Izard's Mystery Pie

Photography by  Paul Strabbing

Photography by Paul Strabbing

When I asked Stephanie Izard for a simple recipe I got just that. True to word, Steph’s ‘Mystery Pie’ was I think the briefest recipe I’ve ever read, let alone cooked from. It sort of reminds me of Elizabeth David’s writings, where her instruction would be as sparse as something like, take a good fat hen, a pinch of this and cook until done. David is hands down one of my favourite recipe writers so when I received Stephanie’s I was kind of tickled.

Suffice to say, use any nuts you like but I suggest pecans for their oils and flavour. Use a 9” shallow pie pan. I couldn’t be bothered to get in my car to go to the store that sells Ritz brand crackers so I threw a long coat over my pyjama bottoms and walked to Aldi to buy their own brand and I dare say I wouldn’t know the difference.

So here it is. This Mystery Pie was something Steph's mom made every holiday! She says it is simple and yummy!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Photography by Paul Strabbing

Mystery Pie

Beat 3 egg whites till they are stiff.

Gradually add in:

1 Cup sugar

1 teaspoon baking pwoder

1 teaspoon vanilla

1/2 cup nuts

20 Ritz crackers

 *Bake in a pie dish for 20 minutes at 350. Top with whipped cream.

Photography by  Paul Strabbing

Photography by Paul Strabbing