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"How did you begin Parchment Studio and House?
Parchment Studio just sort of evolved. I have this fantastic space and soon realized how much people loved being and working here. The aesthetic of it really appeals to most people and so I nurtured that aspect and relied on word of mouth to talk me up. Looking back I also realize how much I wanted to work from home as much a possible…I love my slipper commute!

Parchment House, again that was kind of a happen-chance, although in the back of my mind I do admit I had been thinking about ways to support myself as I get older. I basically stumbled upon the house, fell instantly in love with it and then naively walked into the most massive rehab project, which could not have been done without the invaluable support of certain people. As I worked on the house the idea of making it a creative retreat just kind of grew along with the shaping of the space."


Johanna Brannan Lowe’s Parchment House in Southwest Michigan, provides a peaceful and resplendent respite from the sandpaper that is the city. Her website details her two year endeavor from termites to treasure. Situated along the Galien River Parchment House boasts accommodations for up to 8, a well-equipped kitchen and wood burning stoves for recipe, concept and menu development; as well as, professional photography services and real life nature at your fingertips. Re-treat yourself at this creatives country retreat. Fingers crossed for a summer 2017 opening!

Johanna Lowe is light, grace, serenity. She is a leader in the food and prop styling industry with a pop of curiosity and provocative wit, as the English do. She is the owner of Parchment Studio in Chicago and Parchment House in Three Oaks, MI. Her client list is extensive; Crate & Barrel, Food & Wine Magazine, Conde Nast Traveller, just to name a few. Her artful eye, calm presence and quiet leadership has put her at the fore front of her industry for years.

Look at a few real estate listings and you’ll see what typically draws a buyer to a house. Move in condition! Central location! Sound investment opportunity! None of that applied to this place. But that didn’t stop our friend Johanna Lowe.
— Naturally Magazine - Summer Edition 2018 - article written by Sandra S. Soria