At last...

front steps_IMG_4577.JPG

This image was taken the day I closed on the house, 3 years almost to the day.  I always wear these red shoes to close a real estate purchase. It's a Dorothy and not in Kansas anymore kind of thing.

My new website has been long in the works, though I dare say that's in keeping with how long it took me to finish the house, so there you go, some justification.  The site is technically not finished but I'm saying it's good enough for now. 

I remember something my best friend in London said after having her second of three children, that there is such a thing as being a 'good enough' parent.  One's expectations can be set so high in so many ways, you might wring your hands dry wondering and worrying how to be better.  It's often good enough to put your best out there and then learn, no?  Don't strive for perfection but look for learning and adaptation, surely that's a healthier model for life.

I'm looking forward to Parchment House being a place for exploration, experimentation, creation.  It's a beautiful place where you might find yourself unwinding enough to open up to being invigorated. Or it's a place that has just what you need to run with and test your ideas in a space that supports your endeavour.

So, this new adventure of mine, Parchment House a business, a place for you my industry colleagues, clients, heroes and as yet unknowns, I welcome you.  Do come in, silence your phone, take off your shoes, can I fix you a drink? 

I look forward to hearing from you.




Johanna Lowe