The Romance of Ideas

This wallpaper is at the entrance of the house, to the left of the door as you walk in.
It depicts a scene idyllic and when papered at the time was probably indicative of the spirit the homeowner had.
I have that same spirit. I want to make Parchment House an idyllic place.
But behind every romantic idea there are the nuts and bolts of the actual fact and the fact is I have a house that is begging for ideas and solutions.
The mechanics of a great idea comes from planning and right now I am in the glorious position of being tutored in how this happens.
Today was a great day.  I was shown an example of a house that inspired me in terms of its' outside space. In looking at the outside I discovered how the inside could be designed.
All of these ideas are mused and mulled and mixed into hopefully a creation of a romantic thought; a place to be, a site to set and another idea from which becomes.

Johanna Lowe