Sometimes, when you're not looking

Things and people find you, regardless the thought you were being sought or even looking for it.  Parchment House found me.  It's amusing to discover, after all, that I wanted a farmhouse and it does seem I wanted a barn too.
With 3 floors in the barn, the top one gets me.  I grew up in a top floor flat in London.  It's my DNA to look out from high.  It also, if you remember, taps into my childhood holiday cottage in Sussex, looking from the attic bedroom.  
The top floor in the barn is galleried.  As you enter the main doors at mound level the upper floor is a large u shape greeting you with open arms. At some point I'll decide how to rail the gallery floors so to frame the space but also make it safe. The ascent and descent then comes into play.  Spiral was suggested by the sage master but I'm led to believe these are hard to come by and very expensive.  I have a lead to a Chicago fire escape, maybe that's a thought?  Whatever it becomes, I'm going to want to climb it up and down every day I can.
Sometimes, when you're not looking, solutions find you. 

Johanna Lowe