Ring of Fire


Whilst in London for Christmas I had a peripatetic boozy lunch along The Rope Walk, interspersed by some junk rummaging in boxes lining the tunnel of a railway arch, overseen by a geezer as lovely and gravely voiced as London blokes come.  One of my purchases were 2 small cast iron pots, about 4" in diameter.  With a large and growing collection of cast iron cookware and the fond memories of a recent cookout at Parchment, I can see how these little gems will play more and more into future events at the house.
Before I left for London I had a gathering for friends at Parchment down by the river in what is now known as the Firepit Circle.  More specifically it was the inaugural event for the launch of The Nordic Torch ™, an annual event to come.  At the time of designing it was not known that I had my own plans for cooking on this thing.  Soon apparent, a need for a smaller version with a cooking stand was politely demanded.   Lo behold the baby version that sat 5 feet away from the main event, warming our backs and our food.
A capacious pot of chili with all the trimmings, cornbread, local beer, a bottle of bourbon, s'mores and the downing sun forged a fitting celebration of a brilliant and simple design. Burning long and fierce, this simple ring of fire kept us warm, fed our bellies, impressed upon our hearts.
Sassy was of course the real star of the show, the natural trooper contributing in her way to all the gifts that came to us that night.

Johanna Lowe