Guy Fawkes Night


There are moments when ideas and your confidence in them are thrust out quick and crisp like a toboggan ride on the first perfect snow.  Then there are ideas that get the long drawn out treatment like an uphill muddy walk where your boots aren’t quite warm enough and they're rubbing at your heels so you’re getting a blister and the wind is always in the wrong direction and your nose endlessly runs while your hair whips across your face and sticks to the mucus trailing across your cheek.  Could very well be the same idea, just a different day. Name it tenacity, doggedness or sheer bloody mindedness, all of that helps figure out the idea.

As does inviting 23 people to dinner in your barn to give you the deadline you need to determine whether or not the idea of having 23 people to dinner in your barn is a good idea.

After 2 days working on cleaning out and it still looks like the above picture, a next good idea is to get a dumpster. (I had foolishly thought I could save $250 by loading all the stuff from the barn into my car to the local dump.  That was a really stupid idea.)

So what did I learn?
Get a dumpster.
Don't leave drywall out in the rain.
Raccoon's poop a lot.
Don't overestimate the size of a Saab wagon.
Don't underestimate the weight of objects.
Be very grateful for good weather.
We all hoard something.
Wear a mask.
Listen to music.
Drink water.
Then drink beer.
Be profusely & eternally grateful to help offered from friends.

The evening was lovely. It was an experiment and I hope the first of many collaboration and exploration.

I'm distracted.
It's November 8th 2016 and we are counting votes.
There's a whole lot of ideas coming.
I'm holding fast to mine.

Johanna Lowe