The House

Parchment House is a 1920's modern farmhouse designed for leadership and executive level corporate retreats, small high level creative teams, chef testing retreats, photo/film shoots and other by request.

Built by Chicago food and prop stylist Johanna Brannan Lowe, Parchment House aims to inspire thought, nurture creative play and support an innovative workspace.  Parchment House rests on 18 spacious acres, complete with a river and a rustic hay barn, making it the perfect oasis to retreat in order to reflect and create.  

Full service prop provision can be provided upon request.


The Owner


Johanna Brannan Lowe

Born at home in London. 
As a youngster, when not playing dress up in thrift store clothes,  Johanna entertained herself with cooking and a somewhat obsessive delight in the organization of objects.  
Through many meanderings and adventures Johanna progressed her professional life as a photographer in her 20's and 30's.  Loving to take pictures, she languished in imagery. She photographed the first Gumball Rally, got caught out shooting undercover for Hello mag at a swanky do in London, captured Alexander McQueen's first catwalk show. 
Moved to America New Year's Eve 2000.  Faced challenge. Found what not to do. 
Took a sideways glance to change.
Today she is busy styling food and props for lots of lovely people.  You can find her work at
Johanna also has a studio, found at 


the inspiration

Having no intention to buy a house, Johanna missed a turn on her way to the local brewery. To turn around she pulled into the circle drive of a house that was for sale and feeling compelled to stop and get out of her car, she peered through the cobweb covered windows. As she walked around the property,  Johanna felt goosebumps and a strange electricity in her body.  She called the realtor there and then to make make an appointment to see the house.  Johanna was so convinced the house was meant to be hers that she bought the url before owning the property. It was a completely romantic decision and the subsequent relationship has been equally complex and beguiling.  Parchment House is a love affair and a love to share.